MF104 full eye window gas mask

MF104 full eye window gas mask

The MF104 gas mask is a self-priming filtering personal protective equipment that can effectively protect the wearer’s respiratory organs from harmful gases, low-risk radioactive dust and biological aerosols.


  • MF104 gas mask is a single-tank structure
  • The cover body adopts silicone rubber injection process, and the lens adopts cylindrical eye window structure, which is made of polycarbonate and has anti-fog performance, beautiful appearance and wide field of vision.
  • The headband is made of mesh cloth material, which is comfortable to wear, has small breathing and breathing resistance and is light in weight.
  • The canister is filled with high-quality activated carbon-catalyst with good comprehensive protection performance, small resistance, light weight and long protection time.

Technical Parameters

Protective properties Same performance as selected tank
expiratory resistance ≤100Pa(30L/min)
Inspiratory resistance ≤120Pa(30L/min)
Viewable range Total visual field: ≥70%, binocular visual field ≥55%, lower visual field ≥35°
dead space ≤1%
Mask leakage rate ≤0.05%

Note: The cover material can be selected from natural rubber, silicone rubber, chlorinated butyl rubber, etc. according to user needs.

Application areas

It can be used by the military, police and civil defense for emergency and disaster relief and non-war tasks, and can also be used by personnel in different fields such as industry, agriculture, medical teams and scientific research.

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