Solafact 9300

Solafact 9300

Product Introduction

The Solafact 9300 Unmanned Nuclear Monitoring Alarm Device is designed for real-time, unmanned nuclear monitoring in fixed areas. This alarm device integrates technologies such as chemical monitoring, gamma radiation monitoring, self-organizing networks, and AIS communication. It can monitor nuclear radiation, chemical warfare agents, and industrial toxic and hazardous gases in fixed unmanned areas. The network system formed by multi-point deployment enables nuclear and chemical contamination trend analysis and timely information reporting. It provides a basis for the protection, evacuation, and response of personnel in the rear, and it can be widely used in defense, public safety, counter-terrorism emergencies, fire-fighting, environmental monitoring, and other fields.

  • Integration of multiple technologies, strong detection capabilities, and a wide range of applications.
  • Flexible usage modes, with multiple combinations available.
  • Automatic node networking, real-time terminal monitoring, automatic data processing, and reporting.
  • ‍Compact size, easy deployment, and user-friendly operation.
Technical Specifications:
Parameter Name
Performance Parameters
Network Function
Equipped with self-organizing network functionality, AIS positioning, and short message capabilities.
Chemical Monitoring Substances
At least 6 types of chemical warfare agents and at least 8 types of industrial toxic and hazardous substances. Some substances have a response time of ≤10 seconds, and the range of detectable substances can be extended.
Gamma Radiation Monitoring Capability
Gamma dose rate: 1μGy/h to 10Gy/h, with automatic range conversion. Gamma cumulative dose: 1μGy to 10Gy, with automatic range conversion
≤350mm*250mm/250mm (unexpanded state)
Operating Temperature
Operating Time
Number of Self-Organizing Network Nodes
Self-Organizing Network Single-Hop Communication Range
Application Area

The Solafact 9300 Unmanned Nuclear Monitoring Alarm Device can be widely used in various fields, including defense, public safety, counter-terrorism emergencies, firefighting, and environmental monitoring.

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