Solafact 520

Solafact 520

Product Introduction

SOLAFACT 520 handheld fluorescent explosives detector adopts a new generation of fluorescent polymer sensing technology, which can detect military explosives, nitro, ammonium nitrate and peroxide explosives with high sensitivity. The product is small, lightweight and high in sensitivity. High, it can sample solids, liquids, and gases, and quickly identify explosives in the surrounding environment by detecting the fluorescence intensity of fluorescent polymers.


  • Modular design, compact internal structure, easy to disassemble and install.
  • Simple operation, convenient cleaning, low maintenance cost.
  • Based on fluorescent polymer sensing and detection technology, no radioactive source, safe and reliable.
  • ‍Small size, light weight, easy to operate with one hand.
  • High detection sensitivity, fast response, low false alarm rate.
  • ‍Wide detection range, strong anti-toxicity, fast and convenient replacement of sensitive units.
Technical Specifications:
Parameter name
Performance parameters
Working principle
Fluorescent polymer sensing technology (no radioactive source)
Detection function
TNT (trinitrotoluene), NG (nitroglycerin), DNT (dinitrotoluene), RDX (RDX), HMX (Octogen), NT (nitrobenzene), MNT (nitrotoluene) , PETN (Taian), BP (black powder), Tetryl (Tetryl), AN (ammonium nitrate), TATP (triperoxytriacetone), etc.
Pg ( picograms per milliliter )
Starting time
≤ 2min
Analysis time
≤ 10s
Power supply
Lithium battery or power adapter for power supply, support charging while working, support hot swap.
Data storage
>2000 data records
Data output

373 mm (length) x 108 mm (width) x 73 mm (height)

1.35 kg(battery included)
Working temperature
Working temperature: -20~+40℃; Storage temperature: -40~+50℃
Environmental adaptability
-20℃ ~+55℃

Application Area

It can be applied to security fields such as national security, public security protection, anti-terrorism protection, and major events.
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