Solafact 6010

Solafact 6010

Product Introduction

The Solfact 6010 is a portable biological aerosol monitor developed based on ultraviolet laser-induced fluorescence technology. It is primarily used for monitoring and early warning of biological aerosol particles in the atmospheric environment. The underlying principle involves the interaction of aerosol particles with a strong ultraviolet light beam, which induces biological fluorescence and diffraction scattering. The instrument utilizes a high-stability gas sheath flow structure, a highly precise optical detection system, and a high-sensitivity photodetector to convert and detect the photoelectric signals. This enables the counting of aerosol particles and, in combination with particle size distribution spectrum algorithms, further distinguishes the biological or non-biological properties of the particles.


Technical Specifications:
Parameter Name
Performance Parameters
Particle Types and Particle Size Range
Capable of capturing bacteria, spores, viruses, and toxins in the size range of 0.5μm to10μm
Particle Size Measurement Error
Not exceeding ±30%
Lower Limit of Detection for Biological Aerosol Monitoring
≤100 ACPLA
Self-Cleaning Time
≤100 ACPLA
Self-Cleaning Time
Alarm Time
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature

Application Area

Widely applied in areas such as port inspection and quarantine, customs, airports, aseptic workshop quarantine, security for important departments and major events, defense against bioterrorism attacks, and early warning of biological agents.
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