Solafact 140

Solafact 140

Product Introduction

The mobile radioactive aerosol detector is designed to monitor environmental contamination levels of radioactive aerosols, providing a basis for personnel protection. The detector is mainly composed ofa sampling unit, a detector unit, a data communication unit, and a display unit. The detector unit employs ion-implanted silicon detectors, located within the sampling pipeline, just above the filter paper. The use of fluorine material micro-porous filter membranes reduces the radon progeny drag. The instrument performs automatic energy calibration, efficiency calibration, and spectrum analysis. It uses advanced energy spectrum fitting subtraction methods to eliminate radon progeny interference, providing net counts for the desired artificial alpha and beta nuclides. It calculates their concentration and detection limits. The detector can display radioactive volume concentration in user-defined units and emits audio-visual alarms when measurements exceed the threshold.


Technical Specifications:
Measurement Range
Relative Error
Not exceeding±20%
Energy Range


Background Count
Alpha Background: ≤10cpm,BetaBackground: ≤100 cpm
Energy Linearity
Operating Temperature
Interference Resistance
Equipped with radon interference resistance and radon discrimination capability: can meet measurement requirements even under conditions with radon concentration ≤2000 Bq/m³
Aerosol Collection Efficiency
Collects aerosols with an aerodynamic equivalent diameter range of 0.1 to 100 μm, with an aerosol collection efficiency of ≥99%.
Channel Rate
Alpha to Beta Channel Crossover Rate: Not exceeding 15% Beta to Alpha Channel Crossover Rate: Not exceeding 15%
Response Time
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Complies with GJB151-97 regulations
Vibration and Shock Resistance
Meets the requirements ofGJB4000-2000, GJB4.7-1983, GJB4.9-1983, and GJB1060.1-1991regulations.

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