Solafact 110

Solafact 110

Product Introduction

The SOLAFACT 110 area gamma detector is used for detecting transient radiation in the environment. Its fixed installation layout covers the entire area and can display the distribution of gamma radiation within the location. When the gamma dose rate exceeds the permissible levels, it issues an alarm signal through an on-site processing unit. This project utilizes TTC (Time to Count) technology for the first time, employing a single Geiger-Muller counter tube to measure a wide range of dose rates. The detector is highly radiation-resistant, ensuring its continued operation even after nuclear accidents, and it provides incident information. It is suitable for radiation reconnaissance in vehicles, robots, and drones, as well as radiation protection in places such as reactors, accelerator facilities, military nuclear facilities, and medical radiology.


  • Using Time-to-Count (TTC) technology provides high measurement accuracy with no dead time.
  • The Geiger-Muller (GM) counting tubes operate intermittently, resulting in a long lifespan.
  • The detector has a wide measurement range and high linearity.
  • It exhibits high stability with an extremely low false alarm rate.
Technical Specifications:
Parameter Name
Performance Parameters
GM counting tube
Energy range
Dose rate range
Energy response error
Response time
≤ ±30%
Resistant to electromagnetic interference, shock, vibration and drops
≤ 110mm×350mm


≤ 3.5kg
Temperature range
-40° C~50° C
Power supply
DC12V power supply

Protection level


Application Area

It can be widely used in robots, drones and protective vehicle platforms; nuclear power plants; nuclear power facilities; radiation medicine
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