Solafact 5300

Solafact 5300

Product Introduction

SOLAFACT 5300 open Fourier infrared remote sensing analyzer uses open Fourier infrared remote sensing analysis technology as the detection principle. The host and light source adopt through-beam mode. It is equipped with a high-resolution double-twist scanning interferometer and a high-precision designed optical machine. Components, high-precision control acquisition and stable and reliable hardware circuits, while using advanced correction algorithms to correct measurement data, can qualitatively, quantitatively, quickly and accurately detect and identify hundreds of toxic and harmful chemical gases or chemical warfare agents online in real time. and conduct quantitative analysis.


Powerful detection capabilities

Using high-performance and long-life Stirling cooling type MCT detector, the detection sensitivity reaches ppb level.

Equipped with sophisticated infrared light source, the monitoring path can reach more than 100m.

High stability optical-mechanical hardware system to meet 24H/7Day real-time monitoring.

Advanced Software Algorithms

Meets the requirements for detection and identification of hundreds of industrial compounds (TICs) and chemical warfare agents (CWAs).

Under complex environmental background, rapid response within 3s, qualitative and quantitative analysis of compounds within 30s.

Optimized algorithms for instrument self-inspection, self-calibration, path interference diagnosis, water vapor compensation, etc.

Rich product features:

Equipped with a multi-functional monitoring terminal to meet user needs such as daily environmental monitoring, threat identification, sound and light alarm, information storage and playback.

Equipped with various communication interfaces such as network port, 5G, WiFi, etc., multiple devices can work together to meet various application scenarios.

Product functions support customization to better serve users.

Extremely low maintenance costs

Exquisite structural design, simple installation and convenient operation.

Using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy detection technology, long-distance non-contact sampling .

No consumables, no radioactive sources, no secondary pollution, and extremely low maintenance costs.

Technical Specifications:


Technical specifications
Monitoring type
Hundreds of chemical substances or agents(The factory library contains more than 40 types, which can be expanded according to user needs, up to 520 types)
4 cm-1      (conventional);1 cm-1   (Highest)
Scan speed
32 frames / s.
Monitoring distance
≥ 100m
Preheat time
≤ 5min
Response time
≤ 3s
Recognition time
≤ 30s
Operating time
Power consumption
≤ 100W/220V
Network port / 5G ( optional )
≤ 560 mm×370 mm ×260 mm
Electric control box
≤ 400 mm×280 mm×200 mm≤ 5kg
Operating temperature
AC 220V
Power supply
-10℃ to ~50℃
Storage temperature
-30℃ to ~60℃
Application Area

It can be widely used in public environmental monitoring fields such as customs, airports, shopping malls, and chemical industry parks.

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