Product Introduction

SOLAFACT 5040 multi-component air quality detector is a detection instrument that detects the concentration and components of CO, CO2, O2, CH4 and VOC gases (volatile organic compounds) in the air in real time and provides early warning. This instrument combines infrared spectrum absorption method, photoion technology, fluorescent oxygen and other advanced technologies, combined with precision optical design and stable and reliable circuit production. Compared with traditional electrochemical sensing methods, it has high detection accuracy and strong anti-interference. It has the characteristics of low zero point drift, long service life and easy maintenance. The instrument is simple to use. After connecting the power cord and turning it on and preheating for 30 minutes, real-time online detection of ambient air quality in a closed or semi-closed space can be achieved.


Integrating a variety of advanced technologies; the instrument is developed using non-scattering infrared spectroscopic absorption method, photoionization technology, solid-state electrolyte analysis method and other advanced technologies, combined with precision optical design and stable and reliable circuits.Easy to use; after the instrument is turned on and warmed up for 30 minutes, it can stably measure the gas concentration in the environment, and the results are directly displayed on the LCD screen.

Various types of measurement gases and high scalability; it can measure CO, CO2, O2, CH4 and VOC concentrations, and has excellent scalability. Adding a small amount of circuits can expand the measurement of other gases.

High measurement accuracy, high stability and high reliability; with temperature compensation and digital filtering, measurement error ≤ ±5%F.S, zero point drift ≤ ±2%/24h, repetition deviation ≤ ±1%

Long service life; it adopts runner-up grade components and implements strict standards related to military instrument production, quality inspection and testing. The continuous working time of the instrument is ≥ 5000 hours.

Zero point calibration is convenient; in natural air, press the zero point calibration button to calibrate 5 gases at the same time

It has audible and visual alarms; the instrument has concentration alarm and fault alarm functions, and the alarm threshold can be set by the host computer.

Rich communication interfaces; the instrument has CAN and RS485 communication interfaces, and has user-friendly host computer software, which can realize online monitoring and data storage, making it convenient for users to perform later data analysis and historical data query.

Technical Specifications:
Parameter Name
Performance Parameters
Test type
Measuring range
O2 :0~25%
CH4 :0~30%
Measurement Error
≤ ±5% F.S
< 40W
Measure Response Time
T90  ≤ 60s
Operating Voltage
Power on Warm-up Time
< 30min
Operating temperature
0℃ ~40℃,humidity:≤ 95%
Storage temperature
-20℃ ~+50℃

Application Area

Air quality detectors can be widely used in closed or semi-closed places such as national defense projects, civil air defense projects, caves, positions, submarines, warships, etc. where it is necessary to detect the concentration of CO, CO2, O2, CH4 and VOC gases (volatile organic compounds) in the air.

The products have been used for a long time in the fields of national civil air defense projects and are now being promoted to civilian markets such as epidemic prevention monitoring, environmental monitoring, gas analysis, chemical industry and agriculture.

The measurement calibration procedures of this instrument comply with national standards such as JJG635-1999. The main technical indicators meet the technical requirements of national secondary instruments and can obtain the calibration certificate of the national statutory metrology agency.
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