Solafact 5055

Solafact 5055

Product Introduction

The SOLAFACT 5055 is a high-precision gas analyzer developed by our company. It is based on the principle of Fourier infrared detection and is capable of real-time gas concentration monitoring in the field. It can rapidly, continuously, and automatically identify and quantify gas components. The product offers excellent sensitivity, with the ability to detect some gas substances at the ppb level. Itis suitable for various application areas, including industrial applications, gas composition analysis, catalytic process research, as impurity determination, scientific research, and biological gas analysis.


The research-grade Fourier Infrared Gas Analyzer employs Fourier infrared spectroscopy as its detection principle. It is equipped with precision-designed optical components, high-precision data acquisition control, and stable and reliable hardware circuits. Advanced correction algorithms are applied to measurement data in the upper-level software. This analyzer can rapidly and accurately detect and identify over a hundred organic compound functional groups and perform mixture analysis and quantitative analysis.Key Features of the Research-grade Fourier Infrared Gas Analyzer:Powerful Detection Capability High sensitivity with all gold-coated mirrors for excellent environmental durability. Instrument stability with the use of spatial stereoscopic angle mirrors for permanent collimation.High level of intelligence capable of checking and generating reports on various instrument components.Advanced Software Algorithms Detection and recognition of hundreds of organic compound functional groups.Fast response for qualitative and quantitative analysis of compounds.Self-checking, self-calibration, and operational status monitoring of the instrument.

Fully automatic compensation for gas temperature, pressure, water vapor, and CO2.

Main Technical Specifications:

‍The research-grade Fourier Infrared Gas Analyzer is rich in functionality and easy to operate. It can detect and analyze over a hundred organic compound functional groups and perform mixture recognition and quantitative analysis. It finds wide application in laboratory testing fields, including chemical, pharmaceutical, teaching, research, and process control.

The primary technical specifications of the research-grade Fourier Infrared Gas Analyzer.

Technical Specifications:
Technical specifications
Monitoring Type
Over a hundred organic functional groups, user-customizable library.
Spectral Range
Spectral Resolution
1cm-1,maximumof 0.5cm-1
Detection Accuracy
Better than2%F.S
Detection Range
ppb~ percentage concentration
Gas Detection Limit
Power Supply
220V/24V Adapter
27 kg
Gas Optical Path Length
Chamber Volume
White Cell
Gas Optical Path Length
Chamber Volume
Temperature (Maximum)
Pressure (Maximum)
Protection Level
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Application Area

Suitable for industrial applications, gas composition analysis, catalytic process research, gas impurity determination, scientific research, biological gas analysis, and more.

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