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Oil Refinery Case Study

Detectors required to protect oil
refineries from chemical and gas leaks.

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Hazmat Case Study

Detectors required to protect Hazmat Team.

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Law Enforcement Case Study

Detectors required to protect airports.

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Products by Applications

Military and Defense:

Field Deployments:

CBRN detectors are used by military personnel to detect and identify CBRN threats on the battlefield.


They are used in protective gear and equipment to alert soldiers to the presence of CBRN agents.


Military units use CBRN detectors to assess the effectiveness of decontamination procedures after exposure to CBRN agents.

Homeland Security:

Border and Airport Security:

CBRN detectors are used to monitor borders and airports for potential CBRN threats.

Public Events:

They may be deployed at major public events to ensure public safety.

Emergency Response:

Hazmat Teams:

CBRN detectors are essential for Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) teams to assess and respond to incidents involving CBRN agents.

Fire Departments:

Firefighters may use CBRN detectors to assess risks during fires that involve hazardous materials.

Law Enforcement:

Some law enforcement agencies use CBRN detectors to identify illicit substances.

Industrial and Environmental Monitoring:

Industrial Facilities: (Oil Refineries, Chemical Manufacturers, as an example)

They are used to monitor for leaks or accidental releases of dangerous chemicals in industrial plants.

Environmental Monitoring:

CBRN detectors are employed to monitor air and water quality, especially in areas near nuclear power plants and chemical factories.

Radiation testing solutions for medical and hospital markets:

When it comes to the medical and hospital market, radiation testing solutions are crucial. They not only assess radiation risks but also support disaster management. Rapid detection of radioactive materials helps take prompt measures to protect hospital staff and patients from radiation hazards. These products are used to monitor various CBRN events and ensure the safety and sustainability of the medical market.

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