Solafact 850

Solafact 850

Product Introduction

SOLAFACT 850 portable drug and explosive detector is a portable instrument for trace analysis and detection of contraband such as drugs and explosives. It adopts the international mainstream ion mobility spectrum ( IMS ) detection technology, adopts non-radiative glow discharge ion source, has no radioactive source, and does not need the approval of environmental protection department. It can quickly and accurately detect and identify trace substances such as drugs or explosives. It can be widely used in airports, subways, railway stations, customs, border defense, ports, important conference venues and other fields of security inspection. It can also be used as a physical evidence inspection tool for public security, armed police, courts and other national law enforcement agencies.


Intrinsically safe:‍
The instrument does not contain a radioactive source, adopts a non-radioactive corona discharge ion source, and is intrinsically safe without the approval of the environmental protection department.

Efficient detection:‍
Can be fixed/carried High mobility, can be used in a variety of occasions, fast start-up time, fast detection and analysis speed, the result can be obtained within 6 seconds, and the recovery time is fast.

There are many types of libraries:‍
More than 20 types of drug and explosive databases are preset, and database expansion is supported.

High sensitivity:‍
+ At the same time realize the detection of drugs and explosives, explosives pg level, drugs ng level.

USB and Ethernet interfaces for easy data reading
Large display screen, easy to operate

Technical Specifications:
Technical specifications
Working voltage and method
DC15V or lithium battery powered
Rated power
Communication Interface
Ethernet, USB
Operation method
Touch screen operation
Sampling method
wipe or inhale
IP65, can be upgraded to IP67.
Operating time
Drugs ng level, explosives pg level
Types of drugs that can be detected
Ice, cocaine, heroin, ephedrine, K powder, opium, morphine, cannabis, dolantin, methadone, amphetamines, ecstasy, caffeine, ephedrine, codeine, etc., can be added to the drug bank by authorized users.
Detectable types of explosives
TNT, ammonium nitrate, RDX, Taian, Aoketuojin, C4, Tetrox, TATP, DNT, nitroglycerin, ammonium antimony, picric acid, nitroguanidine, etc., can be added to the explosive library by authorized users.It can be widely used in national defense, safety supervision, public security, customs, anti-terrorism, environmental supervision, emergency response, fire protection, scientific research and other fields.
Start-up time
≤ 45s
Analysis time
≤ 8s
Overload recovery time
No more than 1min, with self-cleaning function
Display screen
5 inch LCD liquid crystal display
Indicator light
With charging indication, alarm indication, fault indication, etc.
Alarm methods
Sound, color, text display and other forms
Data storage
Built-in 16G storage space, can store no less than 10,000 detection records; support backup via USB
Operating software
Can be customized according to user needs
Operating environment humidity
≤ 93%
Preheat time
≤ 20 mins
Operating environment temperature
Storage temperature
Degree of protection
Radiation safety
No radioactive source

Application Area

Airports, subways, railway stations, ports, industrial parks, large-scale public activities and other civilian areas of security checks.

The material evidence inspection tools of public security, courts and other national law enforcement agencies.

Customs, border defense, armed police and other national government agencies and military departments test the protection configuration.

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