MF201 single eye window gas mask

MF201 single eye window gas mask

The MF201 gas mask is a filter-type single-eye window respiratory protection equipment. It can be directly connected to the filter (canister) or used in connection with the filter through an air guide tube. It can effectively protect the wearer’s respiratory organs from toxic and harmful gases. Gas damage, and filter out bacteria, smoke and radioactive dust.


  • The cover body is injection-molded with high-quality natural rubber and has a frosted surface.
  • The sealing frame adopts a reverse folding structure and has good air tightness.
  • The mask is a five-point strap type (a hood type is also optional), which is comfortable to wear.
  • The lens is made of polycarbonate with surface coating, anti-fog treatment, good light transmittance, and good wear resistance and impact resistance.
  • Can be connected to the air tube and used with a canister or optional glasses frame
  • With talking device
  • The sealing frame has a reverse folded edge structure and has good air tightness.

Technical Parameters

Anti-toxic properties Same performance as selected filter elements, standard configuration is MF11B type canister
expiratory resistance ≤100Pa(30L/min)
Mask leakage rate ≤0.05%
Storage period 5 years
Viewable range Total visual field: ≥75%, binocular visual field: ≥60%, lower visual field: ≥40°

Note: The cover material can be selected from natural rubber, silicone rubber, chlorinated butyl rubber, etc. according to user needs.

Application areas

It is suitable for different working places such as military, police, industry and agriculture, scientific research units, transportation and emergency response.

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