MF203 single eye window gas mask

MF203 single eye window gas mask

The MF203 gas mask has the positive and negative pressure switching function of the most advanced foreign masks; it is consistent with the protection spectrum of foreign masks and can protect against typical gases: ammonia, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, cyanogen chloride, hydrocyanic acid, formaldehyde, phosgene, The first breakthrough design of the new gas mask sealing frame for nitrogen dioxide, phosphine, cyclohexane, etc. greatly improves comfort; glasses can be worn to expand the scope of use of the mask.


  • Loudspeaker function: It can effectively amplify the speech sound of people wearing masks, keep the conversation smooth, and the sound quality is clear and loud.
  • Fall alarm function: Automatic fall alarm and manual active alarm functions can be set to effectively shorten the time to call for help in dangerous situations.
  • External intercom function: To realize long-distance communication function, press and hold the PTT intercom button of the respirator mask communication device to send your own voice to the remote end through the intercom
  • HUD pressure display function: It can display the remaining gas volume in the cylinder synchronously in time to reduce the occurrence of hazards.
  • Control the air supply volume according to the human body’s inhalation and exhalation to maintain positive pressure in the mask. It is equipped with a closing button. When not in use, you can press the closing button to close the air supply valve; when in use, it can be opened by taking the first breath. Equipped with an independent bypass valve that can be used to discharge residual air

Technical Parameters

protection factor ≥10000
Explosion-proof level Ex ia II C T4 Ga
operating hours More than 10 hours (25% talk, 75% standby)
Viewable range Total visual field ≥70%, binocular visual field ≥55%, lower visual field >35°
Operating temperature -30℃~+60℃

Note: The cover material can be selected from natural rubber, silicone rubber, chlorinated butyl rubber, etc. according to user needs.


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