MF305 gas mask

MF305 gas mask

The MF305 gas mask is a filtering respiratory protective equipment used to protect the face, eyes and respiratory organs of personnel from poisonous, harmful gases and radioactive dust.



  • The mask material is made of chlorinated butyl rubber, which has excellent resistance to poison droplet penetration and decontamination resistance. It has good anti-aging properties and can be used with chemical protective clothing.
  • The mask is a headband type and is comfortable to wear
  • The lens is made of polycarbonate, with surface coating and anti-fog treatment; it has good optical and impact resistance properties
  • The communication system is in the form of dual intercoms. The main intercom is integrated with the exhalation valve and drinking water device. The exhalation valve is easy to disassemble for easy cleaning.
  • The secondary intercom is installed on the right cheek of the mask and can be matched with communication equipment
  • The sealing frame has a reverse folded edge structure and has good air tightness.
    Technical Parameters

    Resistant to cyanogen chloride The time is not less than 30min (30L/min, 4mg/L, relative humidity 80-80%)
    Oil mist transmittance ≤0.05%(30 L/min)
    Inspiratory resistance ≤186Pa(30L/min)
    expiratory resistance ≤90Pa(30L/min)
    Viewable range Total visual field ≥60%, binocular visual field ≥15%
    weight The full set of masks weighs about 1100g
    Storage period 5 years
    Size settings S,M,L

Note: The cover material can be selected from natural rubber, silicone and chlorinated butyl rubber according to user needs.

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