MF307 gas mask

MF307 gas mask

The MF307 gas mask is a filter-type respiratory protective equipment. The product complies with the comprehensive protection requirements of A, B, E, K and P in GB 2890-2009 “Respiratory Protection Self-priming Filter Gas Mask”.




    • MF307 gas mask has a double-tank structure, scientific design, and rational use of new materials, new technologies and new processes. The canisters are symmetrically installed on both sides of the mask
    • The canister is curved and can fit well with the mask, improving the dynamic air tightness of the mask.
    • The headband is made of mesh cloth and is comfortable to wear..

Technical Parameters

Viewable range Total visual field ≥65%, binocular visual field ≥24%, lower visual field ≥35
Inspiratory resistance ≤120Pa(30L/min)
expiratory resistance ≤90Pa(30L/min)
Mask leakage rate ≤0.05%
Size settings S,M,L

Note: The cover material can be selected from natural rubber, silicone and chlorinated butyl rubber according to user needs.

Application areas:
The MF307 gas mask is suitable for low-risk environments contaminated by radioactive dust, industrial chemicals and bioaerosols. It is mainly used for human body, facial and respiratory protection in non-war military mission environments such as industrial toxic and harmful gases, emergency rescue and disaster relief.

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