MF401 half face gas mask

MF401 half face gas mask

The MF401 filtering half-face gas mask (referred to as a gas mask) is a self-priming filtering respiratory protection equipment. The product technical indicators comply with the GB2890-2009 “Respiratory Protection Self-priming Filtering Gas Mask” standard.



  • The mask material is made of chlorinated butyl rubber, which has excellent resistance to poison droplet penetration and decontamination resistance. It has good anti-aging properties and can be used with chemical protective clothing.
  • The mask is a headband type and is comfortable to wear
  • The lens is made of polycarbonate, with surface coating and anti-fog treatment; it has good optical and impact resistance properties
  • The communication system is in the form of dual intercoms. The main intercom is integrated with the exhalation valve and drinking water device. The exhalation valve is easy to disassemble for easy cleaning.
  • The secondary intercom is installed on the right cheek of the mask and can be matched with communication equipment
  • The sealing frame has a reverse folded edge structure and has good air tightness.

    Technical Parameters

    Half mask leakage rate <2%
    Breathing valve resistance <50Pa
    Total resistance of filter box and suction valve ≤100Pa
    Cartridge resistance ≤80Pa
    Storage period 3 years

    Application areas:
    It is suitable for use by personnel in different fields such as industry, agriculture, scientific research institutions, and transportation to prevent toxic and harmful gases from harming the human body

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