MF403 type electric air supply half mask gas mask

MF403 type electric air supply half mask gas mask

The MF403 electric air-supply half-mask respirator is a personal protective device that relies on an electric fan to overcome the resistance of components, allowing the wearer to breathe clean air.



  • The headband assembly can be adjusted to tightness as needed
  • The cover body is made of silicone rubber material, with a frosted surface, soft texture, safe and comfortable
  • The poison filter box can be replaced according to usage

Technical Parameters

Protection time (benzene) ≥20min, test flow: 40L/min, test concentration 5.0mg/L
Air supply volume The rated air supply volume of the fan is ≥40L/min, and the air supply volume after adding the filter box is ≥12L/min.
Continuous working time After being fully charged, the host can continue to work for more than 3.5 hours when the air supply volume is 40L/min.

Application areas:
Used to protect the user’s respiratory organs from toxic and harmful gases in the polluted environment. It is suitable for use in workplaces such as industry, agriculture, scientific research, and public emergency response.

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