Nuclear contamination personal protection system

Nuclear contamination personal protection system

The nuclear contamination personal protection system is made of moisture-permeable composite fabrics and barrier membrane materials and fabrics with better filtration effects. It adopts a one-piece hooded structure and can be used with protective masks, protective gloves, and protective boots. It can effectively protect chemical vapors and radioactive aerosols. It can also increase the protection of radioactive materials on key parts of the human body according to user needs.



  • Can be reused for disinfection, breathable, moisture-permeable, and comfortable to wear;
  • It can block the passage of microorganisms, particles and fluids, is durable, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, etc., and has excellent physical properties.

Product Usage
It is suitable for areas with radioactive radiation or radioactive pollution to protect workers and the public from radiation harm in environments with radioactive aerosols, dust, and low-energy radiation.

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