Split anti-virus clothing

Split anti-virus clothing

Application areas:
For use in environments where hazardous or sensitive substances exist or where pollutants are being processed, the standard GJB 1750-1993 “General Specifications for Carbon-Containing Breathable Anti-Gas Clothing” is adopted.
Note: Clothing fabrics can be selected from jungle camouflage, desert camouflage, navy blue and other colors according to user needs.


  • Cotton polyester fabric, lined with carbon cloth, for both military and civilian use
  • Composed of jacket-type top and trousers, used together with anti-virus gloves, anti-virus boot covers, etc.
  • Can effectively protect the human body from various vaporous and small droplet poisons for more than 6 hours
  • Has chemical protection, flame retardant and other functions
  • Weight about 1.7kg
  • The inner plackets of tops and trousers are specially designed to prevent virus leakage. The use environment is -35℃~40℃. When the temperature is lower than 20℃, the anti-virus clothing does not increase the physical exertion of the wearer, and the anti-toxic performance of the clothing is also Not easily damaged, can be worn for a longer period of time, and can be used in environments where hazardous substances, sensitive substances or pollutants are present

Technical Parameters:

Serial number Test items Index
1 Protection time more than 6 hours
2 weight 1.7KG
3 Usage environment -35℃-40℃


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