TMF02 type protective clothing

TMF02 type protective clothing

The outer layer is made of polyester fabric and lined with activated carbon flannel. It consists of a jacket and trousers. When used with a gas mask, gas gloves, and gas boot covers, it can effectively protect the human body from various vaporous and small droplet poisons. More than 6 hours. It is suitable for different pollution situations, such as the protection against poisonous gas attacks such as phosgene and sarin, as well as the protection against radioactive particle pollution after the explosion of nuclear weapons. It has the functions of dustproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, poisonous gas and contamination prevention.

When the use environment is -25℃~35℃ and the temperature is lower than 20℃, the anti-virus clothing does not increase the physical exertion of the wearer, and the anti-toxic performance of the clothing is not easily damaged, and can be worn for a longer period of time.
The inner plackets of tops and pants are specially designed to prevent virus leakage

Technical Parameters:

Serial number Test items Index
1 Inner and outer layer materials’ “liquid-gas” protection time against mustard gas ≥360 min
2 Inner layer material’s “gas-gas” anti-toxic time against propyl sulfide ≥30 min
3 Inner and outer layer materials’ “liquid-gas” poison protection time for pentylsulfide ≥25 min
4 Breaking strength of outer material Radial: ≥343N

Weft direction: ≥245N

5 Breaking strength of inner material Radial: ≥294N

Weft direction: ≥196N

6 Water level of outer material ≥Level 3
7 Inner material oil-proof grade ≥Level 5
8 Flame retardant properties of outer material The afterburning and smoldering time are not more than 2s

The damaged length shall not exceed 140mm

9 Flame retardant properties of inner layer material Afterburning time is no more than 4s

Smoldering time is no more than 6s

The damaged length shall not exceed 150mm


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