TMF03 type protective clothing

TMF03 type protective clothing

Spherical activated carbon has the advantages of good rolling properties, smooth surface, regular shape, high mechanical strength, large dynamic adsorption capacity for poisons, and fast adsorption and desorption speed. The breathable protective clothing material made of spherical activated carbon has good mechanical properties, good breathability and heat dissipation, excellent protective performance and low heat stress effect. The outer layer of the material is a flame-retardant fabric that has been treated with water-repellent and oil-repellent finishes. The inner layer is made of spherical activated carbon with a diameter of 0.2mm~0.5mm adhered to polyamide fabric, polyester fabric or cotton fabric, using special adhesives and Adhesion process to adhere activated carbon to the surface of the fabric. In addition to military applications, it can also be used in urban emergency rescue, law enforcement agencies, etc.

Long protection time: This kind of protective clothing has strong dynamic adsorption capacity for poisons. When adsorbing toxic vapor at the same rate, the total adsorption capacity of spherical activated carbon composite materials is about 3 times that of powdered activated carbon, which is more conducive to soldiers carrying out high-intensity operations. Combat.
Good air permeability: Because there are certain gaps between spherical activated carbons, compared with other protective layer materials, the air permeability can reach more than 700mm/s, which is 2 to 3 times that of existing breathable protective clothing.

Technical Parameters:

Serial number Test item Index
1 The inner layer material’s “gas-gas” anti-toxic time for the simulating agent propyl sulfide ≥100min
2 Protection time of inner and outer combined materials against mustard gas, liquid-gas ≥24h
3 The inner and outer layer combination materials have the ability to withstand pressure and penetration of mustard gas “liquid-liquid” ≥1.47×105pa
4 Breathability of inner material ≥700mm/s
5 Elution rate of ball carbon in adsorption layer materials ≤1.1%
6 Breaking strength of inner material Radial direction: ≥300N

Weft direction: ≥200N

7 Inner layer material stiffness The average bending resistance length in both radial and weft directions is no more than 7cm
8 Washing fastness grade of inner layer material ≥Level 4
9 Flame retardant properties Afterburning time is no more than 4s

The smoldering time is no more than 6s

The damaged length shall not exceed 150mm

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