Breathable personal protection system

Breathable personal protection system

The breathable personal protection system consists of respirator clothing, respirator masks, respirator gloves and respirator boot covers. It has the ability to protect against phosgene, sarin and other poisons, toxic and harmful aerosols, industrial toxic and harmful chemicals, etc. It is resistant to mustard gas, acid resistance, alkali resistance, nuclear radiation contamination resistance and flame retardant functions.


①Anti-virus clothing:
It adopts a split structure of tops and trousers, which is light, breathable and comfortable;

②Gas mask:
The mask body is soft and suitable, the headband has a wide adjustment range, the eye window surface has been specially treated, has good optical, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and has broad-spectrum protection against chemical poisons and industrial chemicals;

③Anti-virus gloves:
flexible, comfortable, and excellent in protective performance;

④Anti-virus boot covers:
one-piece molded with excellent protective performance.

Product Usage
It is suitable for personal protection in the presence of medium or low levels of respiratory hazards (non-hypoxic environments) or nuclear, biological and chemical threats in the presence of low concentrations of adsorbable gaseous skin-absorbable hazardous substances. The system can reduce or protect the user’s head, face, respiratory tract, and body skin from harm caused by hazardous factors such as radioactive dust, chemical poisons, and biological warfare agents

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