Dedicated personal protection system

Dedicated personal protection system

The special personal protection system consists of protective clothing, protective masks (self-priming or powered air supply), and repellent gloves. It has the ability to protect against poisons such as phosgene and sarin, toxic and harmful aerosols, and industrial toxic and harmful chemicals. It is resistant to mustard gas, acid, alkali, nuclear radiation contamination, and flame retardant.



  • Adopt one-piece structure, easy to wear;
  • Protective clothing: broad-spectrum protection against chemical poisons and industrial chemicals, good penetration resistance, and light weight;
  • Protective gloves: flexible, comfortable, puncture-resistant;
  • Protective boots: puncture-resistant, anti-slip, and anti-smash.

Product Usage
It is suitable for chemical plant rescue, disaster relief and other chemical accident disposal sites to protect the trunk and limb skin of personnel from damage caused by radioactive dust, chemical poisons, biological warfare agents, etc

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