Heavy duty personal protection system

Heavy duty personal protection system

The heavy-duty personal protection system consists of air respirators, air-tight chemical protective clothing, comprehensive monitoring and command systems, bone conduction communication devices, refrigeration vests, etc. It is a self-contained open positive pressure isolated personal respiratory protective equipment. It can effectively protect toxic and harmful chemicals, biological and radioactive aerosols, etc., and has functions such as monitoring the physical status of workers and the working status of air respirators.



  • Air-tight chemical protective clothing has good protective effect and excellent flame retardant performance;
  • The air respirator uses a cylinder to store compressed air, has a rescue alarm function, and can adjust the light brightness according to the ambient light;
  • The bone conduction communication device can clearly restore bone shock to audio, has the characteristics of noise suppression and noise reduction, and can be seamlessly integrated with helmets and respirators;
  • The comprehensive monitoring and command system can monitor the cylinder pressure value and remaining time value, ambient temperature, personnel activity status, operator height, battery power, heart rate and activity intensity in real time when the operator is in motion;
  • The cooling vest can focus on cooling the front abdomen, shoulder blades and lower back. It has good cold storage performance and is light in weight.

Product Usage
It is mainly used in environmental conditions such as core areas of chemical and biological pollution, areas contaminated by nuclear radiation, dust, hypoxia or areas with unknown conditions. It can isolate personnel from the outside world and protect them from poisonous and harmful chemicals, biological and radioactive aerosols and other pollution. Provides high level of respiratory and skin protection.

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