MF204 single eye window gas mask

MF204 single eye window gas mask

The MF204 gas mask consists of a face mask and a canister. It has good dynamic air tightness, low breathing resistance, balanced weight distribution, and good physiological comfort.


  • Compatibility: Can be used with emergency rescue helmets, goggles, non-airtight protective clothing and communication equipment, etc., and has good compatibility
  • Call performance: With voice call function, the sound transmission loss is small and the call effect is clear. Equipped with an electroacoustic caller, which can be used in conjunction with the electroacoustic call interface reserved on the mask
  • With drinking water function
  • Brightness-preserving performance: Under environmental conditions of -25~35℃, the lenses will not fog up when worn or the fogging will not affect the personnel’s observation ability.
  • Safety: The materials of each component are non-toxic and harmless, and the materials in contact with the skin have no irritating effect on the skin.
  • Environmental adaptability: The canister can still maintain its integrity after being exposed to environmental factors such as high and low temperatures, sand, dust, and rain, as well as tests (vertical collision, multi-directional collision, free fall), and the filtration efficiency is not less than 99.97%.
  • It adopts a large eye window lens structure. The lens is made of flexible material, has a wide field of view, and can be folded for easy portability.
  • A spectacle frame can be installed inside the mask, and can be assembled with the mask after installing lenses corresponding to the power of the wearer, allowing myopic people to conveniently wear a gas mask.
  • The mask design imitates the curvature of the human face and is comfortable to wear.
  • The canister is curved and can fit well with the mask

Technical Parameters

Protection time Mustard gas protection time ≥360min
Inspiratory resistance ≤350Pa(85L/min)
expiratory resistance ≤150Pa(85L/min)
Viewable range Total visual field ≥70%, binocular visual field ≥55%, lower visual field ≥35°
Overall protective performance Protection factor ≥1×10⁴
mask exhalation valve When the exhalation valve pressure is reduced to -1180Pa, the pressure drop should not be greater than 360Pa within 1 minute.
Strong combination of mask and filter ≥250N
Model settings S.M.L.
color black
Storage life ≥5 years
Headband strength ≥150N
Wearing quality ≤950g

Note: The cover material can be made of natural rubber or a mixture of brominated butyl rubber and natural rubber according to user needs.

Application areas:
It is mainly used in low-risk radioactive dust, chemical accidents and bioaerosol pollution environments to protect the safety of personnel’s faces and respiratory tracts.

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