MF302 gas mask

MF302 gas mask

The MF302 gas mask is a filter-type respiratory protective equipment, used in conjunction with the MF11B gas filter canister, which can effectively protect personnel’s respiratory organs from poisonous, harmful gases and radioactive dust.


  • The cover body is made of high-quality natural rubber and has good physical and mechanical properties.
  • The mask is a headgear type
  • The lens is made of polycarbonate, with surface coating, good light transmittance, and good wear resistance and impact resistance.
  • With talking device
  • The mask sealing frame adopts a reflex folded edge structure and has good air tightness.

Technical Parameters

Antivirus objects The protection time against cyanogen chloride is not less than 30min (30L/min, 1.5mg/L, relative humidity 80-80%)
expiratory resistance ≤100Pa(30L/min
Viewable range Total visual field: ≥70%, binocular visual field: ≥30%, lower visual field: ≥35°
Mask leakage rate ≤0.008%
Size settings S,M,L
Storage period 5 years

Note: The cover material can be made of natural rubber or a mixture of brominated butyl rubber and natural rubber according to user needs.

Application areas:
It is suitable for use in different workplaces such as industry and agriculture, scientific research institutions, transportation and emergency response.

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