MF402 type double box half mask gas mask

MF402 type double box half mask gas mask

MF402 double-box half-face gas mask is a self-priming filter respiratory protective equipment. It can effectively protect the wearer’s respiratory organs from poisonous and harmful gases. This product consists of four parts: a mask body, a poison filter box (double box), an exhalation valve and a lanyard. The lanyard can be adjusted to tightness as needed. It has the advantages of small resistance, long protection time, light weight and easy to wear.



  • High-quality silicone material, comfortable and durable, anti-aging, hypoallergenic, and washable
  • The threaded filter box is installed with soft gaskets, which is convenient and fast, and has good sealing performance.
  • Adding a valve cover and exhalation valve makes it safer and more hygienic

Technical Parameters

Half mask leakage rate <2%
respiratory resistance ≤50Pa
Inspiratory resistance ≤20Pa
Cartridge resistance ≤80Pa
Storage period 3 years

Note: The filter element has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency and easy replacement.
Application areas:
It is suitable for use by workers in different fields such as industry, agriculture, and scientific research units who are exposed to organic gases and vapors (benzene and its homologues, carbon tetroxide, nitroalkanes, etc.) and when responding to public emergencies.


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