One-piece anti-virus clothing

One-piece anti-virus clothing

Application areas:
For use in environments where hazardous substances or sensitive substances are present or where pollutants are being processed, the standard GJB 1971-1994 “Specifications for FFYO3 Type Anti-Virus Clothing” shall be adopted.

Made of rubber-coated fabric material, it consists of a hood, upper and lower clothes, shoes and other parts, and is used together with anti-toxic gloves.
It is dirt-resistant, flexible and wear-resistant; resistant to particle splash and chemical splash; anti-static, and resistant to radiation, biological and chemical weapons.

Technical Parameters:

Serial number Test items Index
1 Protection time against mustard gas “liquid-gas”(min) ≥130
2 Acid and alkali resistant (96% hydrochloric acid, 40% sodium hydroxide, three-in-two solution, 36℃±1℃×1h) No cracks
3 Tensile strength (KN/m) Meridian: ≥23.5

Weft direction: ≥21.5

4 Tear strength(N) Meridian: ≥11.8

Weft direction: ≥9.8

5 hot air aging(140℃±2℃×8h) Non-sticky and non-brittle
6 Cold-resistant (folded 180° at -40°C and left for 5 minutes) No cracks
7 Resistant to gasoline breakage

(120# gasoline soaked for 30s)

No cracks, no stickiness
8 Thickness(mm) 0.40±0.05


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