Positive pressure protective clothing

Positive pressure protective clothing

It is mainly equipped in high-level biosafety laboratories such as BSL-3 and BSL-4. It can also be equipped on the whole body of workers working in biological pathogen research, detection, sampling, waste disposal, environmental disinfection, disease control and other high-risk biological pollution environments. protection.



  • ①High protection level, comfortable to wear, easy to move, etc.;
  • ②The main fabric has excellent anti-penetration performance and good physical properties, the visor has bright vision and good field of view, the protective boots are anti-slip and anti-smashing, and the protective gloves are flexible to operate, comfortable and easy to replace, etc.

Product Usage
It is mainly used in environmental conditions such as core areas of chemical and biological pollution, areas contaminated by nuclear radiation, dust, hypoxia or areas with unknown conditions. It can isolate personnel from the outside world and protect them from poisonous and harmful chemicals, biological and radioactive aerosols and other pollution. Provides high level of respiratory and skin protection.

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