TMF04 type protective clothing

TMF04 type protective clothing

The polyacrylonitrile activated carbon fiber protective clothing used by the armed police adopts the “oil-repellent-adsorption” principle. The inner protective layer is made of polyacrylonitrile-activated carbon fiber independently developed by our institute. It is glued with cotton, aramid and other base fabrics. It is made of composite material and has the advantages of good breathability, light weight and good flame retardancy; the outer layer is made of polyester fabric, which has been treated with flame retardant, oil repellent and water repellent treatment. The protective clothing made of two layers of fabric can effectively protect against poisons, biological viruses and nuclear dust particles, and is mainly used for the combat needs of the armed police force.


  • Flame retardant performance: self-extinguishing when leaving fire, excellent flame retardant performance
  • Protective performance: can meet personnel’s 24-hour wearing protection needs

Technical Parameters:

Serial number Test item Index
1 The inner layer material’s “gas-gas” anti-toxic time for the simulating agent propyl sulfide ≥60min
2 The protection time of the inner and outer layer combination materials against mustard gas “liquid-gas” ≥24h
3 The ability of the inner and outer composite materials to withstand the “liquid-liquid” pressure and penetration of mustard gas ≥1.47×105Pa
4 Breathability of inner material ≥300mm/s
5 Breaking strength of inner material Radial direction: ≥300N

Weft direction: ≥200N

6 Inner layer material stiffness The average bending resistance length in both radial and weft directions is no more than 7cm
7 Washing fastness grade of inner layer material ≥Level 4
8 Water level of outer material ≥Level 3
9 Flame retardant properties Afterburning time is no more than 2s

The smoldering time is no more than 2s

Damaged length ≤100mm




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